With a price tag of $7,500, this aircraft is one of the priciest in the hobby.

    A new Jumbolta Aerojet-powered Rocketplane has been unveiled, and it is available for sale online from Oakley Aviation at a discount.

    The Rocketplane is the latest Jumbolex jet to hit the Australian market.

    It was originally built for the US Air Force in the early 2000s and was later used in the United Kingdom and Europe.

    It has a wingspan of 7.5 metres and a maximum take-off weight of 7,500kg.

    The Rocketplane also has a wing-mounted cockpit, with a flight simulator built in and built-in to the front of the fuselage.

    In Australia, the Rocketplane will be available in the Oakley Aviator range of sunglasses.

    The sunglasses have been created by Oakley to be lightweight and breathable.

    They come in a variety of colours, including pink, blue, red and green.

    The Oakley Jet sunglasses are available from Oakie’s website and at local Oakley aviatores.

    It’s worth noting that Oakley is selling the Rocket plane as a complete product, not just the sunglasses.

    This means that the Jet sunglasses will be a separate purchase.

    However, the Jet is available with a price of $75.

    Oakley says the Rocket is the first jet to be produced with a full-sized cockpit.

    The Jet’s main body consists of three sections: the front section, the wing section and the nose.

    The Jet is powered by a single turbofan engine.

    The jet can fly at up to 2,400mph, and the wingspan can reach 7.7 metres.

    The Oakley Rocket is one in a series of Jumbolicas being launched into the sky, as part of the Oakleys latest effort to bring more avionics to the hobby and aviation.

    The Jumboles Aerojet, a new generation of avionics and flight control system, will be the first aircraft to be launched from Oakleys new $50m Oakley aircraft factory in Brisbane, Australia.

    It is part of Oakley’s push to bring the aviation industry back into the 21st century.

    In the UK, Oakley will launch the Jumbolas Rocketplane with a new £45m Rocketplane-1 aircraft, powered by two turbofans.

    The UK’s first Jumbolinas, a 12-seat, 12-engine jet, has been on the market for just a few months.

    The new £65m Rocketplanes, which will be able to fly at speeds of up to 1,600mph, will also be available from the company’s online store.

    Aerospace enthusiast and aviation enthusiast Jason McAllister from the UK has made quite a name for himself in the industry.

    He has been building jet aircraft and aeroplanes since the late 1980s.

    McAllister is now part of a group of aviation enthusiasts from across the world who are all using the same hobby hobby hobby and making it available to everyone.

    He runs OakleyAviation.com, where he has put together an online store where you can buy Jumbolaas, Rocketplanes and more.

    The UK Rocket plane is currently being built in Oakley, Australia by Oakie Aircraft, which is based in the UK.

    It’s currently scheduled to enter service in late 2019.

    Oakie is also making Rocket planes in Europe, and plans to add more planes to the Rocket range.

    Oakie will continue to work on the Rocket planes, and they are now being designed to meet the Airworthiness Directive (AD) requirements for new aircraft.

    Oakley also plans to sell Jumbols to military, commercial and military training organisations, so they can fly as part the training of their aviators.

    Mcallister says the new Rocket planes are an important step in the evolution of the hobby, and are one of a number of products being launched in the next year or so.

    He said: “The JumboJet is the pinnacle of the Aerojet family, but the Rocket makes it even better.

    These aeroplane engines are extremely powerful, and so is the aircraft.

    It will enable the Rocket to fly faster and higher than ever before.”

    For more information, visit Oakley.com/JumboJet.

    Follow Oakley on Twitter: @OakleyAerobiography


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