Aviation students are a hot commodity in this country.

    The number of aviation scholarships offered annually has risen to more than $1.3 billion, but some students find it hard to find scholarships that suit their needs.

    In addition, some states have laws that restrict the amount of money that students can receive, limiting what they can receive and limiting which colleges can accept them.

    But even if you can’t find a scholarship that suits your needs, there are plenty of opportunities out there for students who want to explore aviation.

    Here are a few options to consider when choosing an aviation scholarship.


    Aerospace Institute The Aerospace Institute is a nonprofit that focuses on aerospace technology, research, and innovation.

    Its programs are focused on a variety of areas including aerospace engineering, aerospace science, and aerospace technology.

    The Aerospace Foundation also sponsors the institute, but its members are not required to enroll.

    Students can apply for the Aerospace Institute’s scholarships, but the most common scholarships available are those from the Aerospace Science and Engineering Fellowship Program (ASFE) and the Aviation Technology Scholarship Program (ATSP).

    These programs are available to students who have completed a minimum of eight semesters of college or are enrolled in a graduate program.

    The program is available in the fall and spring semesters, with a new program launched this spring that includes a stipend of up to $1,500.

    The ASFE is available for up to four years and includes an initial $1 for a bachelor’s degree and $1 per year for a master’s degree.

    The ATSP is available to up to three years and offers up to a $1-per-year stipend for students pursuing a doctoral degree.

    Both programs are open to all students and offer scholarships that range from $1 to $15,000 per year.

    These programs also include an online application that is updated every two years.


    Aviation Association of the Americas The Aviation Association is the premier aviation organization in the United States.

    The association has programs in aviation engineering, aeronautics, and aviation technology.

    It has a number of scholarships available to its members, including the Aerospace Technology Scholarship Award, which is a $25,000 scholarship.

    The ATSA offers a number similar to those listed above, with varying lengths, but is generally the best option for those who want more money to help cover tuition, books, and fees.

    The award is only available to current members of the ATSAs Aviation Leadership Council, which includes current ATSAA members as well as current AASA members.

    The AFAs Aviation Technology Leadership Program is the most popular award in the AFAs awards program.

    This program is only for current AASTA members, and its first awards program, AFAS Aeronautic Technology Scholarship Awards, is available from 2019 to 2024.

    The awards are given to current and former AASTAs members who have earned at least $50,000 in scholarships since the organization was founded in 1992.

    The annual AFAS Aviation Technology Award is $5,000.


    Aerospace Education & Research Foundation The Aerospace Education and Research Foundation (AERCF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers scholarships for students interested in aviation and aerospace engineering.

    AERCF is known for its strong scholarship programs and is home to several aerospace programs, including: the Aeronautical Engineering Technology Scholarship, which offers a $2,500 scholarship, and the Aerospace Science Scholarship, offered for up the first two years of study.

    Both of these programs are offered in the spring and fall semesters.

    The scholarships range from the $1 million Aerospace Engineering Scholarship Program to the Aeroscience Science Scholarship Program.

    In 2019, the AFES Aerosciences Scholarship Program was expanded to include aerospace engineering and applied engineering students as well.

    Students interested in these programs can apply to the AFESA Aeroscences Scholarship and AFESA Aerospace Science Scholarship Programs, which are available for one to two years, respectively.


    Aviation Education & Science Society The Aviation Education and Science Society (AESSA) is the largest aviation student organization in Texas.

    The organization offers scholarships and awards for all undergraduate students and students pursuing their doctorates.

    Students may apply to either the Aerostat Scholarship Program or Aerostats Aeroscanner Award Program.

    The Aerostate Scholarship Program is offered for two to four semesters and awards $1 – $5 million to students interested for undergraduate studies.

    The AeroSpanner Award is awarded to students pursuing undergraduate studies in aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering.


    Aviation Society of Greater Austin (ASGA) The ASGA is a statewide membership organization that provides an annual aviation scholarship program for all students interested.

    The first ASGA Aviation Scholarships were awarded in the Fall of 2017, with the latest award in 2018.

    The Aviation Scholars Program is available at the following times: Fall Semester: July 6 – August 12


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