Posted October 25, 2018 08:15:20The United States Air Force is known for saving fighter jets from being scrapped during the Cold War, but when the American Air Force was forced to retire the fleet in the mid-1960s, it had to find another way to replace them.

    The result was the Metro Aviation Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Today the museum has a collection of more than 70 fighter jets.

    These include two C-130J Super Hercules aircraft and a C-135 Stratofortress.

    The C-137 Starliner, built in 1962 and converted to a military transport, is one of the largest military transport aircraft ever built.

    It is the first aircraft ever to be flown by an Indian national.

    “When the C-136 became available, we knew it would be a major player in the marketplace, so we decided to do something to keep that from happening,” museum director Robert J. Deutsch said.

    “This was the moment we were born, and we knew this was something that was going to be an institution for generations to come.”

    After years of searching, the Air Corps found a way to build the Cogswell C-141 Hercules.

    It was built in 1961 and originally used for civilian work but was converted to an Air Force transport.

    The aircraft had been designed for military use and would be used in the 1980s to keep the aircraft operational during the Persian Gulf War.

    The C-131C was then flown to Kuwait and was eventually converted to serve as the mainstay of the Kuwaiti air force.

    The museum has been collecting Cogwalls since 1964 and is now one of several American museums that is working to restore them to their original condition.

    “They were used in many different roles in the Air Forces, from ground to air to the ocean,” Deutsch explained.

    “We wanted to get as close as possible to the original condition of the aircraft and restore it as closely as possible, but we did so with the help of the Air Museum.”

    The museum hopes to complete the restoration of the Cogs in 2021.


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