As part of the Airline Pilots Association’s new leadership class, a group of top-flight pilots is looking to put their skills to the test in the skies above New York City.

    The Pilots Academy is part of a new push by the aviation industry to improve pilots’ performance and safety.

    The group will meet in New York next week and then travel to Chicago to meet with the nation’s aviation officials to get a feel for the changes taking place.

    The first group of pilots to take the first steps in this new initiative is Paul Gorman, a 36-year veteran of commercial airlines.

    Gorman said the program was important to him because it was something that he was able to take in as an airline pilot.

    “I feel like my training is a lot better than I could have gotten on the airlines because I’ve been training for 30 years,” he said.

    “My experience, I’ve had on the planes has been pretty much a total failure.

    It was a big part of why I got fired up to try and get back into the industry.

    It’s kind of a dream come true.”

    Gorman, who currently flies a Boeing 737 MAX, says he can’t say enough good things about the program.

    He said he’s proud of the pilots who are part of it and the confidence they’ve shown in the program as they have completed their training.

    “It’s a great experience to fly a 737, especially when you get to fly them around the city and fly around the world,” he told Newsweek.

    “You see the first-hand what it feels like to get in a plane and you have a sense of accomplishment as you fly the plane around.

    It feels like you’ve accomplished something.

    You have a lot of confidence in yourself.

    You know what you can and can’t do, so it’s a real good learning experience for everybody.”

    He added, “When you look at it as an experience, you really get a sense about what you’ve done, how you’ve worked and how you can improve.”

    The pilots who will be participating in the Pilots’ Academy in New Jersey are also veterans.

    They include pilots who flew for several airlines, including American, United and Delta, and were among the first to take part in the first pilot program, launched in 2009.

    In 2014, the pilots received certification for their flying skills and began training to fly the 737 MAX in the U.S. and Europe.

    Glynn Furlong, a pilot who is currently flying for United, said the pilots are doing an outstanding job training young pilots.

    “We’ve got a bunch of great guys, some really good,” he added.

    “We’re just looking forward to seeing what they do next.

    They’re young, they’re very talented and they’re excited to get back to flying airplanes.”

    The PilOTS Academy is also bringing its expertise to Chicago.

    The program will take place at United’s headquarters in the Loop.

    The pilot who will lead the program is Daniel Bader, a 37-year-old former airline pilot who flew Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines.

    Bader will oversee the program for the PilOTS Association, which is an industry association that represents about 40,000 pilots.

    The new pilots, who will receive their training in Chicago, will begin their first training session at the company’s headquarters on Monday.

    “They’re very excited to be flying in the Midwest,” Bader said.

    The Chicago Pilots Club has helped the PilOTas train pilots for the program, and they say the pilots they have in mind will be very talented.

    “The Chicago pilots are very much like pilots in their own right,” Baders said.

    He added that the PilStars’ program has been very successful and the pilots want to help continue it.

    “A lot of the people in the organization that were training to be pilots before the program came along, they say it was a huge step forward,” he continued.

    “I think we have the potential to make that leap in terms of the quality of the training and the level of instruction that’s going to be given.”

    Glynn Farges, a trainer who is also a pilot for United and Southwest, said that the pilots will learn a lot.

    “There’s going be a lot going on and it’s going in a very good direction,” she said.

    “If they can do that and do it properly, I think they’re going to do very well.”

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