Kids can be a bit fickle about what they want to see and do when they’re at home.

    Some don’t want to do things that aren’t part of their usual schedule.

    Others simply aren’t keen on having to be at home for extended periods of time.

    But for the most part, they don’t need to be.

    A new survey shows that children are not only willing to go out to see what’s new in their local area, they are also keen to go for fun and activities outside the home.

    In fact, when asked to choose what they would like to do when visiting the zoo, they were far more likely to go on a boat trip or go on an adventure abroad.

    “When kids ask what they’d like to see when they go to a zoo, most will pick the animals from the local area,” Dr Elizabeth Stirling, of the Queensland Zoo, said.

    “We often see them asking if they can have a swim with a whale or see a crocodile in the zoo.”

    Dr Stirling said the survey was the first of its kind to assess the interests of kids and families in Australia’s zoo and aquariums.

    “Children love to go and see the animals and they love the excitement of seeing it from the inside,” she said.

    The survey also found that children in Australia aged two to 14 were less likely to want to spend an extended period away from home than their peers in other countries. “

    It’s a really good place for them to come for a few hours or a week or longer.”

    The survey also found that children in Australia aged two to 14 were less likely to want to spend an extended period away from home than their peers in other countries.

    Children in Australia were found to be more likely than their counterparts in other OECD countries to want more time outside the house.

    But this was less true for older children.

    “There are a number of studies that suggest that older children tend to prefer longer breaks from home,” Dr Stroud said.

    The survey found that while people in the middle and older age groups were less keen to be out of the house, they did prefer to spend time in the parks, in parks and beaches.

    It was also found the majority of children aged four to nine wanted to go swimming or playing on the beach.

    It also found a majority of kids wanted to visit places where they could interact with the animals, such as museums, gardens and parks.

    Dr Staring said this was because kids in the same age groups would be familiar with the places and people and that this would help them learn more about animals.

    “I think we’re seeing a shift from having children spend all day at the playground,” she added.

    “That was really a barrier for them when they were young, but it is no longer a barrier.”

    Dr John Macdonald, of University of Queensland’s Centre for Zoo and Aquarium Research, said the zoo and aquaria industries were making a real contribution to children’s health.

    “They’re bringing a lot of the animals into the community and they’re providing access to those animals,” he said.

    The report said the industry was “generating new and valuable insights into human behaviour, behaviour in general and behaviour in children”.

    It said the research showed a “significant and growing” shift in kids’ attitudes towards outdoor activities and the need for outdoor activity was also being reflected in the workplace.

    It said it was “proud to report that, in 2017, a total of 3.4 million Australians were employed in the world’s leading zoo and aquatic research and education sector”.

    “The industry is creating new and exciting opportunities to promote safe outdoor activities for children and adults in an effort to keep Australia safe for all,” the report said.


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