You might think that the menshies aircraft is a pretty cool plane, but you wouldn’t know it was the last plane in the business to be built in the United States.

    The menzie was the brainchild of Bill Menzies Jr., an aviation enthusiast who built his plane around his love of the sport.

    It’s now retired, but it was built in 1976.

    It has a range of 6,400 miles (11,800 kilometers) and is the last jet in the world to be made in the U.S.

    The plane was originally built by the American Aircraft Corporation, which had just finished building a plane to replace the aging Lockheed Martin F-105 Starfighter.

    Menzie wanted to make a jet that could do the job better, but he didn’t want to build a jet with too much weight or too many engines.

    The aircraft was made to fly, and to survive.

    It wasn’t until after the mens plane had been retired from service that it finally made it to the States.

    Menzone Aviation began as a business in 1966.

    Menson Aircraft bought the aircraft in 1986, and it has been operating in the Los Angeles area since.

    The company has been growing at an astounding rate.

    In 2017, the company made over $3.5 billion in revenue.

    Menza aircraft is also used in the military, and the company has partnered with Boeing and Lockheed Martin to develop new aircraft that are based on the Menzys plane.

    The new aircraft will be able to carry a variety of payloads and be able more easily handle the weight of the aircraft, which is about 200,000 pounds (100,000 kilograms).

    As of June 2018, Menzone had built more than 500 aircraft in the past decade.

    It plans to build another 1,000 aircraft this year.

    Menzu aircraft is currently the largest private-sector employer in the state of California.


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