A $5-million lawsuit against an aviation jacket company has been filed in Florida, saying that the jacket is “a breach of contract” that could result in the company losing its trademark.

    The suit was filed in the state court of Hillsborough County in Florida by the Florida-based AirVenture LLC, a company that produces jackets and other clothing for airlines.

    “Aviator” jacket company AirVentura filed a suit in March 2016 seeking damages against the “Aviation” company, claiming the “suit is without merit and is without legal merit,” according to a statement from the company.

    AirVENTURA is also seeking damages for the “damage to AirVantage’s brand and reputation caused by Defendants’ misrepresentations to consumers,” the statement continued.

    “We are confident the court will rule in our favor and that our lawsuit is without merits.”

    The suit names as defendants the National Airline Pilots Association (NAPA), which represents more than 2,200 pilots and pilots’ associations, and the National Association of Commercial Travel Agents (NACTA), which representing more than 50,000 agents.

    It also names AirVendura and its partners as defendants in a separate lawsuit filed in October 2016.

    In February 2017, a Florida judge rejected a claim that AirVentry had infringed on AirVac’s trademark by using the word “aviation” in advertising.

    In July 2017, NAPA sued AirVista for violating its trademark rights.

    In October 2017, the NAPAs lawsuit was settled for $1 million.

    Air Ventura said it would continue to defend itself against the lawsuit.

    “This lawsuit is completely without merit, and our attorneys will vigorously contest this lawsuit and any attempt to make us into a plaintiff in this matter,” the company said in a statement.

    “NAPAs litigation has been based on false claims and malicious conduct and we are confident this lawsuit will ultimately fail,” the firm said.

    Airventura said the suit filed in June was “baseless.”

    The AirVute lawsuit against AirVance was filed after a lawsuit by Air Venturas attorneys, the company added.


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