The engines for the new plane will not be ready until 2019, the first plane to have them, and then they will have to be replaced by more advanced jets, the GE Chief Executive said Thursday.

    GE said that the engines, which are designed to run on hydrogen, would start making noises about five years after the plane goes into service.

    That will be about the time that the first jets of the new planes are scheduled to start flying, GE said.

    GE had planned to introduce the engines in 2019 and replace them with new jets, but delayed the announcement because of concerns over the engines’ reliability and safety.

    GE Chief Operating Officer Brian T. Ozanian said that GE would have a “long-term plan” to replace the engines by 2025.

    GE announced a plan in March to replace all of its engines by 2030.

    GE expects that the GE-made jet engines will be able to produce more than 100,000 horsepower and take off faster than a Boeing 737, which was introduced in 2011.

    GE says that its jets have a fuel efficiency of 26 percent compared with those of other commercial jetliners.

    The engines are also designed to last longer than jet engines, and are made in large batches, GE says.

    GE has not announced how much fuel it will buy for the planes.

    GE is expected to have about 1,000 new jetliners on order.

    The planes are the first of a new generation of GE airplanes that are designed for flying in crowded areas.

    The company is developing the new jets with partners including Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, and Lockheed Martin.

    GE last year ordered a new fleet of 737 jets, which will go into service in 2022.

    GE plans to buy at least 50,000 jets from the United Arab Emirates, according to a company filing Thursday.

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