A Jetpack that lets people travel from one airport to the next is becoming a global phenomenon, with a surge in interest and popularity across Europe and America.

    The first version of the Jetpack has already been flown in New York, but is expected to be rolled out worldwide later this year.

    Jetpacks have become so popular with airlines that airlines are looking to replicate the technology by introducing their own versions of the devices, as well as by creating their own ‘Jetpacks’ in collaboration with other carriers.

    The concept of a Jetpack is similar to that of a bicycle, but instead of carrying a wheeled vehicle it is a mobile battery that can carry a load.

    It was invented by British entrepreneur Mark Hughes and is still in use by airlines, hotels and businesses, but the Jetpacks have caught the eye of consumers worldwide.

    The jetpack concept is similar in concept to that used by bicycle riders, which is why airlines are also keen to develop their own Jetpacks.

    According to one survey, Jetpack usage is increasing globally and in the US alone there are over 50,000 Jetpacks on the market.

    The Jetpack was first developed in the United Kingdom, and it is now widely used in the rest of Europe, the United States and Japan.

    The European version of a jetpack is the Kite Jetpack.

    There are three different versions of a Kite, the Jet Pack 2, the Kiteshot and the Kivet Jetpack, each with a different battery pack.

    Unlike traditional bikes, which are usually designed to carry people around in a fixed position, the jetpacks are designed to be able to move, making them ideal for urban use.

    A Kite can carry up to 15 people, with one person seated in the front seat, and the other two passengers in the back.

    For a Jet Pack to travel between airports, one of the passengers must be in a different seat.

    Airline Jetpacks will be sold as either standard or premium, depending on the type of trip.

    The Jetpacks cost between £1,700 ($2,500) and £3,400 ($5,800).

    According the JetPack website, the device is also available in Japan, where it has been in use for years.


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