In a sign that the Trump administration may be ready to clamp down on the industry, the administration on Tuesday proposed sweeping changes to the way that U.N. and private industry aviatsions operate.

    The Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Energy (DOE) are proposing that all U.K.-based aircraft be required to be certified by the Aviation Maintenance and Regeneration Organization of the United Nations (AMRO).

    The AMRO is a nonprofit organization that promotes international standards for aviation maintenance and is the world’s largest avionics and maintenance organization.

    It was founded in 1994 to help governments and industry maintain and improve their avionics.

    Its first mandate is to ensure that aircraft manufactured by major airlines and their maintenance organizations are in compliance with the standards set forth by AMRO, according to the DOT and DOE.

    “The Department and Department’s agencies will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of all U,K.-registered aircrafts,” the DOT said in a statement.

    “These actions will include requiring aircraft owners to demonstrate that their aircraft meet AMRO certification standards and to provide notification to AMRO of any changes in the certification process.”

    The AMMO is comprised of about 100 organizations and the United States is one of its largest members.

    It is the main authority for avionics systems and avionics standards for the world.

    The U.KS. is also one of the largest consumers of U.s. aviation avionics, the DOT added.

    The AMO does not have the authority to issue its own regulations and the DOT is also considering new requirements to prevent tampering with or altering aircraft systems.

    The DOT has already put pressure on the British government to force the British Aeronautics Board to ban the sale of British-built aircrafts to U.A.E.

    Airlines have complained about the lack of safety regulations in the United Kingdom, but the U. ks. government has also voiced concern about potential safety issues.


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