In-game: Buy a Bluebird flight simulator, add in some new avionics, and fly through some new challenges!

    New avionics include the Bluebird B-50X and Bluebird A-1S, the A-3D, and the A2M1A.

    The Bluebird D-20X has been upgraded to have more fuel, and its flight controls have been upgraded.

    New flight modes include “Fly in formation” and “Fly solo”, which require you to fly in formation with other players.

    The A-2M2A and A-5M2R have been improved.

    In addition, the new A-4D and A4D-1 have been added, and they can also be purchased separately.

    All of these new avionic upgrades and changes will be made available to players once the expansion is released.

    The first player to purchase the expansion will receive the “Fly alone” flight mode, the “Aircraft Simulator X” expansion pack, and access to the “Red Aviation” and the “Dynamic Aviation” flight modes.

    Players who purchased the expansion before March 13, 2018, will also receive an additional reward for their purchase: The “Bluebird Flight Sim” badge, which will show up on the avatar of the avatar who purchased it.

    A free upgrade pack for the Bluebirds will be added to the game in the future.

    Bluebird Expansion Packs for the Apple Watch are also available.

    The new Apple Watch version of Bluebird features all of the new features and improvements that were introduced in the new iOS 7.0.x update and the new iPad app.

    The watch version of the app also includes a few other improvements, like better battery life and the ability to see your flights in real-time.

    If you haven’t yet purchased the Apple WATCH version of Blackbird Flight, be sure to do so and get ready to be amazed by the incredible capabilities of this exciting new aviators simulator.

    The new Bluebird expansion packs will be released on March 13.

    You can purchase the new Apple Watches and the iPad versions of the game for $1.99 each.


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