US Airways will launch its new 737 MAX and X jetliners in the US this week, and the airline says the aircraft will be the first to offer passengers a premium cabin and amenities.

    The 737 MAX will be a full-size version of the MAX and will have a seating capacity of about 1,300 people, and will cost $9,990 for the full package.

    The MAXX will have seating capacity for about 1.2 people, with the XMAX going for $10,000.

    The airline also announced that the MAXX and X will be fully automated in 2019.

    The US Airways MAXX has a 727 engine, while the MAX X has a 737 engine.

    On Tuesday, the airline will launch the new MAX X for the first time, and customers will be able to get tickets online and pick them up in person, in addition to the standard MAX service.

    The new MAXX, which will be available in the next few weeks, will be powered by a new 727-300 engine, according to the airline.

    The aircraft will also feature a “stunningly advanced inflight entertainment system,” the airline said.

    US Airways says the new planes will feature “the most luxurious cabin in the business,” as well as “world class amenities.”

    The airline says customers will have the choice between a cabin with complimentary food, entertainment and shopping, as well a premium suite with Wi-Fi and Wi-Pass, and a lounge with a private dining area and a private bathroom.

    It will also offer the same premium economy-class cabin as other major US airlines.

    The MAXX is also set to become the first passenger aircraft to have the “first-ever cabin in aviation history” with a “seamless integration” of the cabin with the aircraft, the US Airways said in a press release.

    With a spacious interior, the new 737 Max and X are designed to take you from the airport to your next destination in no time.

    At its peak, the MAXMAX has a total length of 2,700 feet, and can accommodate up to seven passengers, according the airline’s press release, which says the MAX is able to travel from Los Angeles to Washington, DC in just over two hours.

    The new 737MAX will be an iconic aircraft and will help make the US a destination for flying that combines style and technology at a value that will leave your passengers smiling and proud,” US Airways CEO Michael Sjostrom said in the release.


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