— (AP) Aviator jackets, once a symbol of fashion, are on sale for a fraction of what they used to be at TJMaxx and other department stores in the United States.

    The U.S. military recently declared aviators as part of its “air superiority” designation, and the jackets are available for a small fee at some stores.

    TjMaxx, the country’s largest discount retailer, offers a variety of aviator jackets at discounted prices.

    “It’s a lot of fun to see people wearing aviators, especially if you’re wearing one with a lot more pockets,” said Scott Bittman, director of merchandise at TJ Maximx.TJMaxx says the jackets have a wide variety of designs, and a wide range of price points, from $150 to $200.

    Customers can also get a “classic” jacket with a zipper on the back and a hood, a “traditional” jacket, or a jacket with the same pattern and color.JACKSON, Wash.

    — TJ Maxx is offering a jacket for $99.99 that says it “was originally designed for the aviator.”

    The jacket says it is “made in America and comes with a lifetime warranty.”

    A vintage aviator jacket was also on sale, but that was priced at $199.99.

    TjMax x is selling the classic “classic aviator” jacket for a $99 fee.

    Tj Maxx sells aviator jackets at $150-200 per pair.

    A vintage “classic vintage” aviator was on sale in March.

    The Aviator Jacket is a part of TJMax x’s new line of “classic and vintage” garments.

    Bittman says that while aviating is a new term, the jacket is a popular item in the military.

    “People like to have something that’s functional, functional,” he said.

    “They’re happy to get the jacket.”TJmaxx says it’s working to expand its aviator sales, including adding more jackets.


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