A pilot in New York’s Hudson Valley is using the online map he built to explore a few of the world’s most remote corners.

    The pilot, Ray Bansavi, has a knack for creating detailed maps of the most interesting places on earth.

    BansAvi says he built his map by tracking the flight path of airplanes that pass over his neighborhood in the Hudson Valley.

    He then took that route and used Google Earth to plot out the best spots for flights.

    For instance, the pilot has mapped out where the pilot could land the plane in the most beautiful part of the sky.

    The map also includes some locations where the most common ways of flying are the shortest and most expensive, and those places also include destinations with a high number of commercial flights.

    He even has a chart that shows the average daily cost of commercial aviation flights in the United States.

    BansAv, who is in his mid-40s, has been flying planes for more than 30 years.

    He was inspired to build the map by the idea of flying a plane to the moon.

    He says his work is inspired by a couple of books he read, the classic aviation books, and the movies of the same name.

    “The first book, I would say it’s The Boeing Company,” he said.

    “It’s a fantastic book, and it’s very good about aircraft.

    It talks about how the aircraft were built, how they’re used, and how they’ve evolved.

    It was very much about what a plane was.

    I’m a big fan of that book.

    I loved flying aircraft.”

    He then wrote a little book called Flight Path: A Beginner’s Guide to Flying, where he shared his ideas and techniques with the world.

    BoutsAv is currently a professor of engineering at the University of New Hampshire, where his interest in aviation began.

    He’s a former flight instructor who now runs his own flight simulator, which he calls “Ray’s Aviators.”

    “When I started flying in the early 1990s, I was doing pretty well, and I knew that I wanted to make my own little hobby of flying planes,” he explained.

    “When I got out of the airframe business, I started doing something different.

    I started working on something completely different.

    And then, one day I was reading about the idea that I would build an online aviator map, and that I’d be able to see the route of every commercial aircraft and that’s what I did.

    I made that map.”

    Bansav said he’s been flying airplanes since he was a kid.

    “I always loved airplanes.

    I was a big kid, so I would just play with my dad,” he recalled.

    “He would fly my plane around, and he would take me to places.

    He would take my wife and my kids, and we would go places.

    And I always wanted to fly planes.

    I always had that interest.”

    Banners are a regular sight on the pilot’s Facebook page.

    “We love banners, and there are banners on this page that are sponsored by Boeing and a number of other companies,” he added.

    “I think it’s really cool to see all of these companies coming together to promote these great airplanes.”

    Boutsav’s website features a large collection of aviators’ aviational history, including photos and videos, and also includes a detailed look at each state’s aviator history.

    “Bans Aviates has become a huge success because of Ray’s ability to collect information and build the world map,” BoutsAv said.

    “For the most part, I’ve only ever done a small part of what I’ve done, but Ray has taken that data and put it in a big way.

    I think it is a great thing for aviation history.

    It’s really inspiring to see these aviaters that have never even been in the spotlight on a map.”Read more:


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