New Airbus aircraft will be introduced to the global market this year, bringing with them a host of new features, including an aviator desk, a jet ski cockpit, and a flight simulator, according to reports from several sources.

    The first plane, the A380X, is expected to fly in 2021.

    A new Boeing 777X will be announced next year, and the world’s first Airbus A350X will arrive in 2021, according the Wall Street Journal.

    A further two planes will be released next year.

    Airbus said the first A380 will be launched in 2021 but it’s not clear if the airline will fly it before that.

    It’s possible the first Airbus plane will be delivered in 2022, but it remains unclear how many of the A350s will be built, and when they will be flown.

    Aviation expert and aviation analyst Tom Bowers told Bloomberg that the Airbus A340X is the most likely plane to be launched next year and will likely be the first to be used for passengers.

    The first Airbus jetliner will be unveiled at the Paris Air Show in 2021 and it will be powered by an advanced hybrid engine, Bowers said.

    Airbus plans to have around 40 A380s in service in 2021 , according to Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders.

    The A380 has a range of around 7,000 nautical miles, compared to 7,800 nautical Miles for a Boeing 777.

    It will be a good thing that we are seeing more planes of this type being delivered, Bower said.

    The Boeing 777 is scheduled to arrive in 2022 and the Boeing 737 MAX is expected in 2021 for the first time.

    A Boeing 737 is expected for deliveries in 2021 in China and India.

    Airbus has already announced plans to launch its new A380 in 2021 as part of a new regional airline, but Boeing has not confirmed a timeframe.

    Boeing will likely begin building the A370 first, followed by the A320, the 777X, and later the 777, Boes said.

    The 777X is due for a delivery in 2022.

    According to Bloomberg, Boeing will announce an initial order of up to 12 A380 planes.


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