With the new generation pilots set to enter the market, there is a lot of talk about how they will improve our safety and efficiency.

    The industry is expected to see an increase in demand as pilots spend more time in the air, but the actual number of pilots is still unknown.

    We know that there are about 70,000 people in Australia, and we know that a pilot is an aviation enthusiast.

    A pilot has a passion for flying, and flying for an aviation company means having an eye for the big picture.

    We think a new breed of pilot will bring an unprecedented level of attention to the safety and safety of our fleet, our aircrew and the pilots themselves.

    They will bring new insights to our fleet and our pilots, and will be able to make the industry a safer place to fly.

    They are not only the future of flying, they are also the future for the future. 

    AeroAviation is a leader in developing a next generation of aviation aircraft, as we are the only manufacturer of aircraft that has been selected for a new commercial pilot certificate. 

    The current crop of commercial pilots includes the likes of Captain, Captain Joe and Captain Paul, and is based in Melbourne and Sydney.

    In the past, these experienced pilots have worked in the airline industry in both domestic and international markets. 

    In addition to the current crop, AeroAviation has recently developed the Eagle and Falcon aircraft, which is designed for domestic and foreign markets, and has been delivered to more than 120 pilots. 

    We have developed the Falcon, Eagle and Falcon RQA (Return to Flight) aircraft to meet the needs of the commercial pilot market. 

    To date, we have sold more than 5,000 Falcon and Eagle aircraft, and are now producing approximately 10,000 aircraft. 

    At AeroAvison we are a leader, and have been the market leader for more than 30 years, which has allowed us to meet our customers needs, and to provide excellent customer service to all our customers. 

    For the first time, we are able to offer the Falcon and Falcon, RQD (Return To Flight) to our international customers.

    These aircraft are designed for the Australian market and offer a more advanced safety feature than our existing Falcon and Hawk aircraft.

     The new Falcon and the Eagle, which are currently in development, will be available to all new and existing customers, and can be fitted to all of our existing customers for the first and third time. 

    Eighty per cent of our revenue comes from domestic and US sales, and the remaining 20 per cent comes from international markets, primarily China, India, India and Russia.

    The Falcon is the most advanced of our two commercial aircraft, having a wingspan of almost 2,500mm and having a total weight of approximately 15,000kg. 

    Although the Eagle is a relatively light aircraft, the Eagle has a more powerful engine than the Falcon.

    The Eagle has an engine rated at 1140kW, and an estimated peak power of 6,700HP. 

    On the aeroplane side, the Falcon has an impressive number of performance options, with a number of advanced aerodynamic features including the advanced winglets, large and lightweight wings and an innovative tail arrangement. 

    What is AeroAvision? 

    Aerosmith is a wholly owned subsidiary of AeroAvionics, and was established in 2003 by the founders of AeroDevil, and with the support of AeroVironment, a private equity group.

    AeroAvion has a number: a large portfolio of aircraft and components, a wide range of aircraft, including commercial, research, trainer and research aircraft, and development and maintenance aircraft, for both commercial and research aviation. 

    More information on AeroAvions products can be found at: www.aerobion.com.au Aeronautics is a registered trademark of AeroTech International, Inc.


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