With the advent of high-tech glasses like the ASUS A10, Aviator sunglasses are poised to take flight again.

    We caught up with ASUS founder Daniel Karpman to find out more.

    Q: How did the A10 fit in to your vision of avionics?

    A: In the years following the introduction of the A5 in 2010, we’ve always been focused on the avionics side of things, so we were excited to see how the A8 and A6 fit in with our vision of what avionics should be.

    As we started looking at how to make high-performance avionics, we began to realize that the A4 and A5 are a good fit.

    We have a very narrow focus.


    How did Aviator glasses become available?


    ASUS launched Aviator on the ASUS website back in March 2010, with a $299 price point.

    Today, it’s available in four different colors.

    It comes in two sizes, the A2, A3, and A4.

    The A2 is the standard size for the A series.

    It is available in a wide range of color options, including black, silver, and gold.

    The A2 comes in black and gold with a dual lens option.

    The B2 is a special color option that ASUS also offers for the high-end A series, but is a bit more expensive.

    The B2 comes with a black frame and dual lenses for $249.

    The C2 is an optional color option for the higher-end range.

    It has a black and silver frame and two lenses for just $249, but the glass is slightly smaller than the B2 and has a slightly different shape.

    The D2 comes as an optional option for $299.

    It features a black or silver frame with a double lens for $399.

    The E2 is not available in any of the standard colors and comes in either black or gold, and is also available in dual lens and black frames.

    The F2 is available as an upgrade for $499.

    It uses the same design as the B1, but with a gold frame and a single lens for a total of $999.

    The G2 is another upgrade for the lower end A series that includes a black lens, but comes with two lenses instead of one.

    It’s available with a single glass lens for the $699 price tag.

    The H2 is also a new color option, but it’s a very small upgrade compared to the B4 and the D2.

    The H2 comes standard with black, and comes with an optional gold frame for $799.

    The I2 is slightly larger than the I2, but only available in the black frame.

    It also comes with the black or gray frame and comes on a silver lens for just over $1000.

    The K2 is currently in development for a different color option.

    It will be available as a silver frame only, but we’ll have more information on that at a later date.

    Q.: What kind of technology are Aviator lenses made of?

    A.: Aviator frames are made of high performance aluminum and are equipped with a multi-layer coating.

    ASUS claims that the lens has the best optical performance in the market.

    The lens is designed to have an optical lens that has the lowest distortion in a low-distortion lens.

    In addition, the lens is reinforced for durability and abrasion resistance.

    We also have a unique lens design that is resistant to water ingress.

    Q: How is the lens formed?

    A, A: ASUS uses a combination of polycarbonate and an alloy that has been modified to be a high-temperature thermoplastic.

    We use a combination that is strong enough to withstand a wide temperature range.

    Q:’What type of lens do Aviator models have?

    A-The lenses in the Aviator range are made with a combination polycarbonated and an anti-reflection polymer.

    The lenses are designed to provide a wide angle lens, and have been designed to resist abraded glass from impact.

    Q:”How do I get Aviator?

    A:- ASUS sells Aviator eyewear through their online store.

    Aviator is available for a limited time, so you can get a pair at a discounted price.

    There are also a variety of other Aviator-branded eyewears that are available for purchase through other retailers.

    The ASUS website also offers a number of Aviator products from custom made eyewares to high-quality avionics frames.

    Q’What is the difference between the A7 and A10 avionics glasses?

    A:’ The A7 is the first generation of high quality Avionics lenses.

    The Aviator series has been designed with high-resolution displays and technology that offers a wide-angle, wide-field of view lens.

    It was designed with the high end in mind, so it has the ability to deliver an optical performance that is much better than other lenses.Q


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