A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to take on the task of talking about Cocktail Art.

    For many years, Cocktail art has been an art form for those of us who like to think about cocktails in a unique way.

    In my first book, Cocktails: An Introduction, I explored the history of cocktail art.

    This book, along with my own blog, Cocktastic Cocktail Blog, gives readers a deeper look into cocktail art history and culture. 

    A few weeks back, my friend asked me if I would be interested in creating a cocktail art book about Cocktails, to be published by Barclays Aviator. 

    What is Cocktail?

    Cocktail is a cocktail that consists of a few ingredients: the water, the fruit, and a bit of bitters. 

    As I wrote in my first Cocktail book, “a cocktail can be made up of a number of ingredients: water, fruit, bitters, and spices.”

    In a cocktail book, we have to start with a foundation of ingredients. 

    Cocktails books are typically written with the intention of providing a simple but rich narrative for the reader to follow along with.

    They often start with simple ingredients, but as the ingredients are introduced, they are revealed.

    For example, in my Cocktail Book, I introduced the ingredients for the cocktail I was making, and I described the ingredients that would be used to make the drink. 

    This is a common practice with Cocktail books. 

    In my book, I explained what the basic ingredients were and then explained how they were used to create a cocktail. 

    The basic ingredients in Cocktail are water, fruit (or any fruit that you prefer to use for flavoring), and bitters.

    Water is the base for a drink and the only ingredient required for the rest of the process. 

    Fresh fruit is the most basic ingredient and the most common ingredient used in a cocktail recipe. 

    “Cocktail” is a slang term for a particular kind of fruit or drink.

    It can mean a small bowl of fruit, or a drink with a few fruit bits added. 

    If you’re looking for a Cocktail recipe, the easiest way to start would be to use the following as a base:  2-1/2 oz. of fruit 1-1.5 oz.

    (about 4 cups) of sugar 1/4 cup (about 1/2 cup) of bitters 1 Tbsp.

    (1/8 tsp.) of water The key to the success of Cocktails is the cocktail itself. 

    It is essential that the drink is made with water that has been distilled.

     A basic cocktail recipe should start with two ingredients: a water and a fruit.

    The water and fruit should be of equal proportions and not different.

    The goal is to make a drink that tastes and tastes good and is drinkable, which is easier said than done. 

    There are many variations of Cocktastes recipes.

    The following are some of the more common variations: The following Cocktail recipes are available on the Barclay website, but the Cocktail Books are available from the publisher, Barclaya, in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. 

    For more information, go to Barclálica.com or Barclavista.com . 

    The BarclAY Cocktail Recipe Book contains recipes from all over the world. 

     The Cocktail Cocktail Guide by David Purdue is an excellent resource for Cocktail Recipes.

    I will be creating a Cocktastical Cocktail blog at the Cocktacular website.

    To find the latest news and reviews, subscribe to Cocktastically on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or sign up for our newsletter. 

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