A couple of years ago, when I had my first baby, I was told to take a bath with my eyes closed.

    I didn’t understand that what I was doing was dangerous.

    I thought it was normal.

    I was wrong.

    In a new book, the authors write that there is an evolutionary imperative to make eyes look healthy, and that we should take advantage of the time that we have.

    The authors, including two Nobel laureates, argue that there are three main reasons to look in the mirror:to protect us from germs, to make us look younger, and to help us to stay in touch with our past.

    For instance, the evolutionary benefit of looking at yourself in the reflection of your own reflection is that it allows you to recognize your own age, says Stephen J. Dolan, a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Texas and author of “The Evolutionary Mind: The Psychology of the Evolution of Human Nature.”

    That may sound strange, but it’s actually pretty common, and it can help us keep in touch, he says.

    “We are all going to look the same in the future,” Dolan says.

    “The question is whether we can find that same image and connect it with our experiences, or whether it is an external perception that is a consequence of a genetic process.”

    The evolutionary advantage of looking in the MirrorA number of studies have linked the mirror to a wide variety of health benefits, such as increased activity in the eyes and blood vessels, lower blood pressure, a reduced risk of heart disease, and reduced risks of developing diabetes.

    But the researchers say that it also has other, perhaps even more dramatic, effects.

    The eyes, says Dolan’s coauthor, Christopher M. Brown, are important because they are important for vision because the retina has the ability to “read” light and convert it into electrical signals.

    The retina has to be sensitive enough to read that light, but also that it is sensitive enough that it can distinguish red and green wavelengths.

    “It is one of the basic components of the retina,” Brown says.

    That’s why it is essential for the eyes to be exposed to bright light, or at least to see bright lights for extended periods of time.

    “If you have too much light, it’s not going to work,” Brown explains.

    “If you can’t see that much light at a time, it won’t be able to interpret it, and you are not going be able have the same amount of visual input.”

    Dolan and Brown argue that if we want to maintain our youthful appearance and avoid disease, we should keep the eyes in the same place and be constantly exposed to light.

    That means that the eyes should be constantly working to keep the eye’s pupil diameter (the opening in the inner part of the pupil) as small as possible.

    This keeps the eye from contracting and getting larger, so the pupil doesn’t close up and become too small.

    This keeps the pupil’s pupil size as small and as wide as possible, which helps to ensure that the pupil will remain open, even when the pupil is closed.

    In other words, if you have very small pupils, the eye will have to close more often than if you are large and close frequently.

    “The fact that the eye is working at the same time to keep both eyes open at the exact same time is a key component of maintaining youthful appearance,” Brown adds.

    Dolan says that it’s important to not try to get rid of your eye.

    “I do think that we need to look for ways to make the eyes more attractive to our mate, and not just make them smaller,” he says, because this may lead to men having smaller testicles and having smaller penises.

    If the male has small testicles, this may result in him having a smaller penis.

    Brown also suggests that we try to make our eyes look as natural as possible to a potential mate, by keeping the pupil size the same and not trying to make them look like the size of a grapefruit.

    In fact, Brown suggests that it may be better to put the eye in a more natural position.

    If we’re not looking at ourselves in the right place, then our eyes are going to be used more often as indicators of our age, and as a measure of fitness, he notes.

    If we’re looking at our own reflection in the mirrors, our eyes may be less likely to be looking at a healthy image.

    “We have this idea that our eyes need to be in this perfect position, and so it’s a perfect spot to have a mirror in our house,” Brown notes.

    “So we think we are looking at it right when we’re in our bedrooms.”

    This article is based on an interview that aired on PRI’s Science Friday with Brian Williams.


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